The Powerful Blessing Of The Living Goddess

Your Living Goddess…

is soft and feminine – her presence reminds us of how important it is to maintain a sense of play and innocence. She is happy in the arms of Mother Nature… animals and small children bring her joy, because they create the opportunity for her to play. The more she radiates joy and femininity, the more joy and hope she brings to others. She embodies the essence of freedom. For she is the Creator’s Messenger of new beginnings and fertility. She allows us to begin again and again bringing new life to our former world.

Your Living Goddess…

is also beautiful for she knows the power of her sovereignty. And as she maintains her majestic splendour, she reminds others of their own inner wealth and beauty. For it is her celestial beauty that aids in passing on prosperity and grace to others. She sits on her throne holding the hand of her creator, while stretching the other out to her loved ones.

Your Living Goddess…

celebrates her body as her Temple – it’s in the way she moves, the way she dresses and adorns herself. She is able to evoke deep feelings that open her to the power of an emanating force. She honours her body in everywhere; she understands that she is the priestess who stands in her body aware of its true power and beauty. She allows herself to totally surrendered to the life force at the core of her being for she is the keeper of attraction and fascination.

Your Living Goddess…

 also has an innate strength in her wisdom and needs time alone to connect with her deep and well crafted knowing. She stands on the mountain and calls to the wind to bring peace to the land. Her touch brings about healing and when she looks into your eyes she talks to your soul. Her quiet observation coupled with a smile brings a sense of remedy and comfort. She is the keeper of the old ways and is strongly connected to the earth.

Living Your Goddess… 

is indeed a powerful, spectacular, nature force alive and forever emerging from your spirit and the spirit of every woman.

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