Message For The Visionary Goddesses


June is the month of the Visionary Archetype in the Living Attributes Typology

To you, My Beloved Visionary Goddess I ask for an emotive story for the future of humankind and how they will add value to my Creation. You are to create dignity, purity and clarity so that they may grow in wisdom. Be mindful as you remind them to correct their errors. Your role is to remind people that only through them can my Creation be celebrated. Know that as the Visionary you see the world with a prophetic view. You will dream of hope and clarity, and then bring a message of beauty to the world. A pure and wise mind must you be.

Your SACRED CREED will be this – MINDFUL BEAUTY IS A CELEBRATION                    


Your Animal Wisdom Is The Hawk – Your beloved and trusted companion will be the Hawk. Who will teach you to scope out situations and focus on your talents with a clear and precise intention. Hawk see’s the big picture in order to understand the past, present, and future. Hawk will ask you to be observant of your surroundings so you won’t get distracted from your path by others.

Your Indigo Angel Ray Zadkiel – I also give you Zadkiel the ray of Sweet Beauty. Can you see him? His mix is but a mystery. Touch your own inner beauty my child and you will always see it in others. Love invites the heart, but it’s true Beauty that invites the Soul. For Beauty is a pure and mindful celebration of creations pure intent.

Dear Visionary your Persistent Obstacle will be to overcome the habit of feeling Misunderstood, balanced by your True Quest, which will be to live your Prophetic nature. And for your good work I will give you the Light of Beauty, use it well.

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