Our Focus For JUNE


Well here we are halfway through the year in the rainy month of June in the land of Oz… This month’s focus for Unite the Light WOMEN is “Expressing Our Souls Purpose.”

One of the activities we’ll be doing at our community event on 28th of June, will be informally practising our PURPOSE PITCH, which is a perfect demonstration and activation around Expressing Our Souls Purpose.

For some reason, it doesn’t seem to matter how much confidence we exude, many of us still get tongue tied and stuck for words when somebody asks that infamous question… “So,…. what do you do?” or “What line of work are you in?”

We all want our words to pour forth with clarity and charisma. That is precisely why I created this section of Unite the Light Women, because today’s world is all about context, transparency, content and sound relationships.

Here is our Social Synergy Topic #6:

Expressing Our Soul’s Purpose

Attribute Beauty

It is the destiny of each human being to awaken to their divine nature and to discover and express their unique calling. We discover our true place by following the wisdom of the heart and going within for guidance and direction.

This month we move from the inner work of personal growth and alignment as the Self to our outer expression in the world. We express our talents and seek to join our gifts with those of appropriate partners to release the potential of each member of the group.

Our barometer of success is the sense of joy and fulfillment in coming home to our selves.

Other areas of focus –

Colour Indigo

Animal Wisdom Hawk

Mythic Archetype Visionary

 Angel Ray Zadkiel


Elizabeth Ellames 


And by the way – parking is a breeze at Next Generation at this time on a Sunday.

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