Real Deal Leaders


Lead with questions, not answers.

New style leadership doesn’t mean coming up with all the answers and motivating everyone to your larger vision.

It means having the humility to see that you don’t have all the answers, and to ask questions that will lead to the best people who do, which is what makes your vision a reality.

Living in a world of rapid change and constant competition it still comes back to the basic truth that companies don’t innovate and get results, people do.

Running a business that supports a coaching culture unleashes creative potential and overcomes issues.

Being a team of innovators is what create success. And the only way to mange change is to create it and then become it.

Leaders who take on a duel role of coaching and directing create a better future through the practice of collective visioning.

And the first and formost practice at being an effective leader is the ability to stay “Present” with people.

Because when we are present we are connected and when we are connected people listen and feel valued.

Being the Real Deal in all areas of our life is fast becoming our greatest and most valuable asset.

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