Growing Happy Hearts


“Caring Enough To Change Direction” has been part of the 2014 United Projects Initiative, the idea was seeded by Cherie Rowett who teamed up with Sue Lohmeyer, Gail Glastonbury and myself to create a grassroots community project.

It launched on Sunday Nov 2nd 2014 at Waverley House Cafe and was a huge success… Congratulations to all who attended and helped to make this community event possible.

The teams Social and Spiritual SYNERGY was a perfect example of cooperative creativity… And of course there is and will always be challenges with such awareness, which is indeed necessary for the healthy growth of a community.

But I believe being young of heart, young of mind, and young of spirit is the key…  This is the way, the wonder and the will of the “community way-shower.”

For in the nature of being “young” there is always the new.

The nature of community needs to be forever young to grow and its in all of us — for we are all part of nature.

As human beings we long for connection and relatable experiences… And the duration of ones life is indeed only a snap shot of a much larger plan, so the results we achieve in our community is a direct indicator of the level of synergy we are creating.

We are all a complex, collaborative display of creation that has the ability to co-create and the nature of community is the emerging, creative and inclusive expression of our collective evolving visions.

And when we are able to find that magic formula with-in us, while working with others we in fact connect to our true nature, which is the exciting and life giving evidence of…. Synergy.




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  1. Lovely to read your description here Elizabeth. The collaboration and synergy alive in the emerging Happy Hearts community and in our project team is indeed delightful to experience and to build on into the future. <3

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