Gate Ways

AUGUST is the month of  The Higher Heart 

The Higher Heart is the third gateway in the Living Attributes system before opening up to the POWER of your Higher Purpose, which is ultimately your connection to your true nature and your most sacred relationship with GOD.

All The Light Centres In The Pathway Of Devotion Are Gateways

November CYAN is the GATEWAY in the Celestial Realm, which is the POINT of POWER for the Higher Purpose. This realm is home to your Gift to Humanity (YOUR BESTOWAL)

August PINK is the GATEWAY in the Spiritual Realm – POINT of POWER for the Higher Heart. This realm is home to your Creative Gifts (YOUR SPIRIT)

May BLUE is the GATEWAY in the Emotional Realm – POINT of POWER for True Emotion. This realm is the home of  your Personal Message to the World. (YOUR VOICE)

January RED is the GATEWAY in the Physical Realm – POINT of POWER of the Formative Self. This realm is the home of  your Personal Presence in the World. (YOUR FOUNDATION)

So what does that mean for all the other light centres in the system?

All light centres are portals to a particular light stream, but the central pillar, which is called the pathway of Devotion are referred to as GATE-WAYS.

Of course not every body has their personal archetypes in Devotion – so for example if your archetype in the Emotional realm is the Visionary,  you would still be ‘correcting & transforming’ your shadow nature, which would be strengthening your Personal Message to the World. You still have the experience of moving through the gate-way of  True Emotion, but of course it will be a different experience than someone who has their archetype in that particular gate-way. It’s not better or worst, but rather just different.

As we move through these devotional gateways year after year, there is often a particular intensity about the experience. Reason being we need to ‘correct and transform’ our shadow nature before moving through to our next level. Every year we get to experience our archetypes at a deeper level and with this deeper connection we receive a little more of our Radiance.

Blessings Abound Elizabeth

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