Heartfelt Reality



Now, more than ever, we must learn to apply the Heavenly science of the Light to help humankind.

The celestial event of the Venus transit happening on June 5th & 6th will affect us for many years to come. It brings with it the message that there is a new and great force emerging in our world, a force that evokes the Christic energy that lives within our soul, and which manifests in all the great and wonderful occurrences of our lives.

They say before the fall of human beings we had the faculty to perceive and understand the hidden, eternal truths via an inner spiritual organ. This spiritual organ was given to us as a result of our purity and immortality. After the Fall, when we rendered ourselves mortal and corruptible, we received the outer organs we now call the five senses.

Indeed, at present, our inner faculty is enveloped in gross matter to the extent that the external eye cannot see into the spiritual realms, we are deaf to the sounds of the metaphysical world, and our speech has been paralysed so that we can barely stammer the words of the sacred.

These are the words that were once ours, and through them we held sway over the elemental forces and the external world. Therefore, we must learn the higher way in order to develop the lost inner faculty that allows us to perceive the hidden, eternal truths.

Now is the time for the greater truths concerning our Divine Nature to be shared and expanded upon throughout the world. Moreover, the Divine has ordained its usage so that the promise of great transformation can be brought about exactly at this time; we have held this space in time for worldwide healing since the beginning of ages past.

The essence of life and leadership lies in the Way of the Heart and in the conquering of our negative karmic influences that create duality in our life. The great work in the world is performed by restoring our spiritual faculties, the same law, the same order, and the same regularity, by which all beings are directed in Nature. After 20 years of devoted visioning, I am now in holy celebration, because we at Temple de Lumiere, are actually consciously participating in this auspicious time in history. Thank you – I am so grateful for your arrival.

Blessings abound,
Elizabeth xxx

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