Finding your Creative Potential

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“Does the unleashing of the imagination create ones heartfelt desire to be free. Could this then lead us to the delightful realization that ones clarity of purpose is ones true freedom?”

I open our conversation with this rather bold and expansive question because of its absolute creative resonance. It has been my personal experience as well as my constant observation of others, that when one is left for long unfulfilled, unproductive periods, without a sense of authentic purpose in their life, one that they feel matches their true inner world, they become somewhat unhappy and if this unhappy position becomes a recurring and unconscious pattern they do eventually and inevitably suffer with the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

We are now living in an extremely stimulated world, where we are told constantly we can be who ever we want to be and that indeed it is our birthright. According to the voice and images presented to us by the massive and somewhat relentless multimedia corporations, we are free to be who ever we want to be. Unfortunately it is a big fat lie, we are not free to be who we want to be, we have actually become who they have always wanted us to be and that is their market, the consumer. As early as possible now our children are marketed to, selling a lifestyle that is void of imagination.

We are faced with the fact that most of our children’s toys today are totally created out of the mind of a market researcher, not a toy maker. And parents are also targeted in such a way that they don’t have any head space for their own realizations about what they think is of true value. We literally have been sold a lifestyle that thinks for us. We think our purpose is to be rich and famous so we can get more stuff and be adored by all.

Of course this is all on a subconscious level because that is where it goes in, it is a carefully orchestrated arrangement that bombards the physical and emotional senses. Leaving you with the false reality that all your needs will be met if you can just get this, that and the other for your family and yourself. What we have failed to see is that this invasive practice, which has indeed grown out of control in my option, is precisely the obstacle blocking our freedom, our imagination.

The truth is that even when the rich and famous get all the stuff they think they want, they then remember it was the joy of doing what they loved that got them to where they are today. Even though they enjoy the things that their money can buy, they actually do enjoy, even more, being able to share their gifts, talents and craft.

The true gift of being a human being is that we have an imagination!

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