Physician Heal Thyself

“Everything is always moving toward a state of perfection.”

Hi there all,

Yesterday at Temple de Lumiere we celebrated the Healer archetype and the light attribute Integrity. Our topic for the month was Adopted Archetypes and interestingly the Healer archetype is a very popular adopted archetype, reason being its shadow nature is  prone to being a victim and a rescuer. Seems we think if we can just fix or heal everything or everyone around us, some how our life will be perfect. We want to control our outside world, not realizing it is a reflection of our inside world.

Before we are able to fully embrace your authentic archetypes, we may have to let go of one or two adopted archetypes. We adopted these specific archetypes because of experiences that are attached to our past. These adopted allies have been protecting a particular part of us that wasn’t ready to be seen or heard.

Adopted archetypes play out particular behaviours and eventually become what appears to be a destructive scenario.

What is really happening is our adopted archetype is insistently letting us know it is time to release it and make way for our authentic archetypes.

The releasing of our past through the acknowledgement of an adopted archetype, aids in our personal evolution and helps us wake up to a new and deeper reality. This valuable discovery invokes questions like; “what’s going on in my life”? I believe the birth of this true enquiry is the birth of new life and it is our adopted archetype that has led us to this enquiry. Its intention is to invoke and awaken in us our authentic archetypes, which ultimately make up the perfect configuration of our highest and most sacred archetype, our Radiant Self.

Yesterday was a powerful healing experience for many of us, we had the opportunity to heal ourself through the light of  the Healer.

For me I remembered the gift of discovering what my true integral nature is. I had unconsciously adopted the healer archetype in order to over come my addiction of wanting to rescue my dear mother from her alcoholism. By mastering my adopted healer I received the gift of integrity, I remembered first finding it, then remembering to remain in my integral self. Integrity is an interesting place to find your self, it is indeed the nature of the universe. The universe is integrity in motion, an ever evolving unfolding beauty and we are an integral part of that beauty. I honestly believe if we can stay awake to this extraordinary process, we begin to see everything as a varied degree of integral development. Nothing to fix per say, but rather different stages of creation and entropy in progress. As we ‘correct and transform’ we begin to see life differently, we literally see the world changing around us. A miracle starts with a shift in perception.

I would also like to acknowledge our wonderful guest speaker Karen, (who is indeed an authentic healer). Karen presented beautifully yesterday on healers of the past and today, she also shared her own experience as a healer. Her story of working in aged care touched me deeply, God makes no mistakes. Healers go where they need to be. They do it with such grace and dignity. There is no ego, they are incredibly practical individuals who quietly know that their service is a blessing from God. Karen creatively finished her presentation by asking us to do an invigorating folk dance, that in its self was incredibly healing. All the emotions that had come to the surface to be healed earlier in the morning were cleared and integrated through the connectivity and joy of the dance. Thank you again Karen for your presentation and thank you for being such a beautiful Healer.

Love Elizabeth Ellames

I invite you to share any insights you may have about healing, healers and integrity.

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