The Gift Of Celestial Slumber


Good Morning Dear Ones,

Yesterday we celebrated our festival of Angelic Light.

We spoke of our past Angelic experiences and of how we perceive Angels in our life. To celebrate the gift of creation we had the privilege of singing all 12 Angel Songs, this sanctified and prepared our body, our home, our Temple for the available light coming our way as we approach the gift of Christmas. What was very apparent in the space, for my self, was the absolute devotion of these beautiful accelerators of creation – the Angels. They do indeed teach us the gift of bestowal. The word bestowal doesn’t even enter our vocabulary anymore, so no wonder we don’t fully understand what it means.

Bestowal means to honor or gift without any compensation this is what the Angels do, this what they teach us to do. They are fully present to their role in the process of Creation and their only motivation is to serve in that divine process. As humans, we are also part of that divine plan, our service, and presence also aid in Gods miraculous masterpiece of creation.

This brings me to the topic of Celestial Slumber – I mentioned to the women yesterday that the extreme tiredness they had been experiencing over the past few days and may feel after Temple was due to the amount of light they were receiving. As a Visionary I don’t often give any more than that, that’s just my nature. But on reflection, I thought it appropriate to share more.

When one experiences that level of tiredness for seemingly no apparent reason, this is the surrounding Light that has come upon you (angels) sometimes called the reforming Light, there is a process of transformation in progress. The best thing you can do is rest and I mean literally stop and take a Kindy Nap, more gracefully put a Celestial Slumber. Think of it like this, the radiance of your Living Goddess is emerging rapidly like a new-born child and every part of your growth is vital in your full development. If you need to take a rest please take one, it is your divine responsibility to you and your world around you to do so.

Our Light is our greatest Gift we must take care of it.

Love Elizabeth.

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