What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Well I think we can safely say what it is not, which is, it is not only being religious. The state of ones actions and communications are indeed a direct reflection of ones true spiritual nature. Their life has become living proof of their state of mind because their inner peace has sprung forth from a place beyond doctrine.

Spiritual Intelligence is like any other results driven regime, you have to find what works for you and keep at it! What I mean by that is if you don’t give it any attention it will slip way to the back of your mind and be added to the queue of things labeled “I will get to that – later”.

Now that is all well and good if you do get to it later – But my question is “why do we think we don’t have time to be spiritual? Especially when every thing we really hold dear to us is indeed spiritual. For example – when ever we read a great book, hear a wonderful piece of music, experience a profound piece of art work or watch a movie that has moved us to tears, these moments are all evidence that we are certainly intimately connected to our spiritual self.

I believe spiritual intelligence is obedience of the heart, which means that we allow our higher heart to be our guiding force. Now like any practice it takes just that ‘practice’. But once one has become obedient to the nature of their spiritual self their choice point begins to change. They no longer want to control every outcome, but rather, they know that it is far more rewarding to ride the exhilarating wave of imagination, intention and grace.

As one experiences purposeful change in their life, beyond the confines of their passed realities, they begin to trust and focus more and more on the benefits of their own spiritual nature.

We often think that being spiritual is limited to church, meditation, charity and the likes of.

The truth is true Spiritual Intelligence is simply establishing an intimate relationship with yourself, and then developing that into a confident relationship to your God Self and how one does that will vary for each individual. But like any worthwhile relationship it will require a level of commitment and an obedient heart.

This is a quote I wrote that sums up the idea of surrendering to our true spiritual nature;

‘Obedience of the heart comes at an extra-ordinary price, when one is able to give ones life over to a greater and more auspicious power; they become the receiver and transfiguration of Gods divine intention.

There is no greater Gift in ones life than this.’

Elizabeth Ellames

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