Holy Days

Today I remember we are in Holy Days

The Light does what it may and I am in my makers’ arms.

I ask of Thee; above the tree, above the star, above all of me

I reach to my divinity, for there I am born a new,

I am born of Thee.

Bringer of the light that shines forth on this World

A light that gives birth to a newborn within my delighted Soul.

As it is Christmas, I reflect on a year passing and a new one forthcoming.

This year I find more of myself and require it less.

I wish for the world and want for nothing.

As I give, I have Joy and know what I do is only for you.

My generosity is an act of modeling Thee.

For you my Creator is present in all that I do; a gift of creation is what I offer you.

In my heart there is Joy beyond and abound, a life without generosity is no life to be found.

This Celestial time of LIGHT and Goodwill comes forth with no pardon, only persistence does spill.

A persistence that arrives year after year; a reminder of rejoicing and devoted good cheer.

Tis said that the babe was born at a virgin’s breast, that his light was from heaven, we all know the rest.

For all who have a song to sing and a light to bear – be the new Christ and Love will you dare?

A LOVE that brings to life a treasure so rare, to LOVE like the Creator is beyond compare and to seek ones inner Christ is to birth a new humanity.

This is our quest, our prize, and our longing. To find Christmas in our heart; is to find our divine belonging.

A gift to you, a gift to me, is nothing at all unless it is seen as a gift from Thee.

Peace be with you and Merry Christmas. 

written by Elizabeth Ellames on 22nd Dec 2010

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